Team Member Spotlight: Robin Campbell

June 8, 2021

An average day in the title industry can be busy and hectic, always solving problems and often racing the clock. But when it all comes together, that’s a beautiful thing, Senior Processor Robin Campbell said. 

And though she’s traveled all around, visiting most of the U.S. states and two dozen countries, her favorite settlement story is all about a couple who decided to cancel their plans for retiring to Florida so they could stay right where they are. 

You’ll have to read to the end of this fun Q&A to find out the amazing reason why. Read more

Team Member Spotlight: Deanna Ribero

May 20, 2021

Senior Title Processor Deanna Ribero is approaching 25 years in the title industry. It’s no secret that she knows how to get things done.

She loves solving problems but also knows that the greatest accomplishment is closing a settlement with no stress and no snags. We can all relate to that.

Deanna recently became a grandmother, but since her new grandbaby lives in South Africa, there’s a lot of FaceTime involved. So instead she enjoys spoiling her four fur-babies. Read more

Team Member Spotlight: Christine Tanglos

April 16, 2021

As vice president of Assurance Title, we know Christine Tanglos as a knowledgeable veteran of the title industry and a dynamic leader who helps keep our team running smoothly.

What we didn’t know — until now — is that we may never have had the opportunity to work with Christine had she followed through and chased her roller derby dreams.

Fortunately for us, she had an aversion to elbows to the face. Get the rest of the story and learn a lot more about Christine in this awesome Q&A. Read more

Team Member Spotlight: Alexandra Hahn

March 23, 2021

Alex HahnIf this were sports, the news would be calling this the blockbuster free agent signing of the year.

In the title industry, we just call it making an incredible team even stronger. We could not be more excited that we recently added Alexandra Hahn as our newest Senior Title Processor. She is absolutely one of the best in the business and extremely respected by agents and colleagues across the area. Read more

Team Member Spotlight: Lindy Hartman

February 13, 2021

If you’ve had the opportunity to work with Senior Processor Lindy Hartman, you know don’t need us to tell you how great she is at her job.

Like so many other members of our team, Lindy is a big reason why so many agents — and buyers and sellers — keep coming Read more